A United States citizen has become the latest inmate to escape from Kerobokan prison in Bali. American man Christian Beasley, 32, climbed a back wall of the jail at dawn on Monday. He had been detained at the prison since August for drug offences and is still in the process of being tried in court. Another US citizen, Paul Anthony Hoffman, who is serving a sentence for theft, also tried to escape at the same time but failed.

The jail’s governor, Tony Nainggolan, said he believed the men had taken a ladder from a construction project at women’s section of the prison. Four other inmates, including Australian man Shaun Davidson, escaped via an underground tunnel in June. Two, a Bulgarian national and Indian man, were later re-arrested in East Timor. They are now serving their sentence in the notorious Nusakambangan prison, although under Indonesian law, escapees do not receive additional jail time if recaptured. Davidson, from Perth, had less than three months left of his one-year-sentence for passport fraud at the time of his escape but also faces drug charges in Australia. Malaysian man Tee Kok King, who had been serving a seven-year jail term for drug offences, also remains at large.

Kerobokan prison is woefully overcrowded and understaffed. It is common for just eight guards to be on duty to watch over more than 1,300 male prisoners.


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