Bali’s ever popular hot spot Canggu is about to get its must hyped addition for summer 2018 in the format of Tropicola beachclub and we along with 1000’s of others are very excited.

For those that visit Bali regular or are based here of close by, the reputation of the team behind Tropicola is highly regarded by for those that dont let us introduce some familiarity. Think Mexicola, think Icebergs Sydney, think Da Maria and think Goodbar and the picture starts to take its shape.

While the location is a little discreet still and after stalking the internet for a while we can tell you its beachside, sprawled across 3 bars with an amazing panoramic view looking out upon all the famous surf breaks across Canggu and a view to the south of the infamous bukit and watching the airplanes touch down after sunset in the distant lights.

Cocktails, cocktails and more exclusive Tropicola cocktails will be the order of the day but the food is where things really round out the much newly awaiting bucket list visit. Master chef across all the operators venues in Bali ‘Steve Skelly’ knows his plates. From his massive experience and winning menus, what just lays around the corner ( August to be exact) awaits your tasting and tales to come!

Add to this a rooftop bar, event space and hotel and this story always had a happy ending! Watch this space for more Tropicola to come.

this place must have existed.
in another time and in another place.
coconut oil melting in the sun.
the vivid blue of the water.
the blinding white of staff on bended knee.
languid hands on frozen drinks.
the sizzle of shellfish over wood fire.
laughter and splash and chatter.
a paradise against the sea.
it was just another mansion.
–––––––– tropicola is what it felt like


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