Pecatu – Recently a Hollywood actor amazed social media users. Adrian Grenier, without doubt, cleans up the rubbish on Uluwatu beach, Bali!. Maybe some of the people of Indonesia still do not care about the plastic waste around, especially those around the sea. To the extent that one Hollywood actor finally intervened in cleaning up trash on the coast of Uluwatu, Bali. Adrian Grenier, an American actor and UN Ambassador for the environment recently impressed and embarrassed the people of Indonesia. Without a doubt, this Hollywood actor who is also a musician and businessman collects trash scattered about.

Adrian posted a few of his photos on Instagram while collecting several sacks of garbage. Adrian’s actions also received much praise from his followers.
“Thank you Adrian for your commitment and leadership. Hug us from NYC,” said @susanrockefeller
“Thank you for doing that,” said @melodyfederer
“Amazing work today,” said @nataschaelisa

Based on interviews from gulfnews.com, last year, Adrian also promoted the ‘Stop Sucking’ campaign against disposable plastic straws. For Adrian, when humans pollute the environment, it will make human and animal experience less positive. In addition, it turns out, in 2015, Adrian also founded the ‘Lonely Whale Foundation’ to promote education and awareness on marine conservation issues. He also worked with 40 NGO partners to form the ‘Strawless Ocean’ initiative, according to Mongabay.com.

Adrian focused on plastic pollution, especially straws, which until now is still a problem of the world community. In his Instagram post, Adrian reminded the public to look for other alternatives to using plastic. What about Indonesian people? Still, want to use plastic products and throw them carelessly?


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