In Bali right now its no surprise the streets are quiet, nature is taking a very overdue breathe of fresher air and the beaches are smiling as the pollution count is continuing to drop. When going out on a rare occasion to do some essential tasks like food shopping its like a different world in some places like the usual red light wait on your daily commute to your favourite restaurant or surf spot. What used to be a never-ending battle for pole position at each and every traffic light stop on your scooter or just waiting for someone to scrape your side in your car as another impatient N-max enthusiast tries to squeeze thru is now a lonely check of the lipstick or facial grooming in the rear vision mirror and onto the next destination. There is some amazing stories coming in from around the world like dolphins spotted in the Venice canals and closer to home the mountains in view from Jakarta for the first time in a very long time due to pollution levels taking a massive dive as we wait for the COVID-19 levels to follow suit.  One thing is certain and that is to enjoy every moment for what it is and let’s all continue to do an amazing job as a community and as a planet combined to stop the spread,  looking forward to the great times ahead. Remember to look after your loved ones, try and stay away from all the negative and fake news while staying at home as that is the best advice anyone can give right now as situations as our situation changes on a daily basis. 

Our featured image is taken on the weekend courtesy of Denpasar now along JL Kayu Jati in the usually busy hustle and bustle of Seminyak, taken from Mexicola looking in an inland direction. Any given day this is a vibrant little connecting street that is jammed with taxi’s, shoppers and food lovers aplenty.

Below take a stroll down the Seminyak strip with just you, yourself and maybe a couple of friendly local neighbour dogs. The convenience stores like Circle K are still open on limited trading times and small staff rosters with the essentials but most of the usual boutiques, cafes and gift stores are tutup (closed) until things take a turn for the better.

Sunday night traffic in the city centre of Denpasar is doing its best self-isolation impersonation work.
There have been a small amount of negative comments online about the island’s city not doing the right thing and staying home but the proof is in the pudding on this shot. Well done Denpasar we salute you.
Photo: @inengahsuarna

Venice is the clearest it has been in 60 years, and dolphins have been spotted down in southern Italy, swimming in clearer water. Every cloud. The canals in Venice are clearer than they have been for a long time, due to lockdown measures taken in the face of coronavirus.


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