The aim for this program is to raise money which will allow us to employ hospitality staff who have lost their jobs to make a food production. All donation will cover ingredients with buying from local farmers and fishermen, small restaurant supply chain industry, and also help logistic industry with using their services. All food produced will be donated to front line medic and non-medic staff in a hospital appointed by the Government to handle Corona patients and families in need of support to help them survive in this situation.

Bali dependencies to tourism industry is more than 80% with having thousands of restaurants and this is what makes tourism is the main contributor to Bali’s economy. Since the Corona epidemic hit this beautiful island, Bali is limiting tourist activities, restaurants have to closed their doors because there are no income. Millions of employees lost their jobs, supply chain business slowed down, but still the Government exclude the tourism industry as businesses who are eligible to utilize some tax incentive.

Just over some years ago, we are fascinated by the island of God – Bali. We also get much involved in F&B and tourism industry during the years. We also build bondings with people we work with. However, things happen, and we cannot run from a sticky situation. We survived Mt. Agung eruption once, and now we are facing a pandemic. It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build a support system for those who involved tourism industry.

To donate please visit the gofundme link here

We thank you for any and all donations you make and hope we can get through this situation!
Please also follow our instagram @dinnersonme.id for any updates regarding this program!


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