Jakarta, – Today, the world of tourism, including Indonesia prepare for a new normal era or the new normal Covid pandemics of the 19th. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio said, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the patterns of interaction and socialization of the tourism industry. Facing this period, Menparekraf said that Bali had been prepared to become a new normal destination for Indonesia.

The preparatory plan was revealed at a meeting of the Menparekraf with the DPR’s Commission X, last weekend. The Menparekraf also said, Bali will immediately implement the CAN (clean, beautiful, healthy and safe) movement after the Covid-19 epidemic.

“Bali will be the destination that starts the BISA movement, focusing on facing the new normal era. We know that 40% of Indonesia’s tourism revenue is there,” explained the Menparekraf.

In addition to preparing for Bali, the Menparekraf also said there are 4 steps that the tourism industry must take in order to build trust, if it wants to attract foreign tourists (tourists) and the archipelago.

“At the moment we are returning to the principle foundation, which is to build and restore global market confidence. The way is by setting up health facilities, improving hygiene and security protocols in each destination,” Whisnutama explained during a virtual meeting with the House of Representatives Commission X last weekend.

Menparekraf admitted, efforts to restore Indonesia’s reputation on the global stage were not easy. Bearing in mind, currently other countries are also competing to attract tourists to their countries.

Such as Hong Kong, has recently been active in improving health policies and procedures to protect its citizens and non-Hong Kong tourists who come.

One of them is by arranging public places such as tourist attractions, group meetings, and catering businesses by means of social distancing . Group meetings in public places, more than four people are prohibited.

“In the new normal era , marketing is not only a matter of natural beauty or a destination, but also places worth visiting,” he explained.

In addition to restoring trust, another strategy that Menparekraf tried to mobilize was integrated marketing. It will try to provide easy, cheap and safe access for domestic, regional and global consumers to leading national destinations post-epidemic.

Furthermore, no less important for new normal tourism is the recovery of businesses and workers, including ensuring easier and lighter access to banking capital for entrepreneurs who have cash flow .

In addition, in order to improve the quality of human resources (HR), Kemparekraf also opens online training for businesses to receive post-epidemic certification.

“By attending training, tourism workers have added value, motivation, enthusiasm and a new work ethic,” he said.



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