Retired Boeing plane overlooking Bali’s Nyang Nyang Beach seeks to become new ‘icon’

It’s not every day that we can see a retired plane perched on top of a cliff, but just because it’s an unusual sight doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a sight to behold. Though the jury is still out on that one, we may soon reach a verdict as a retired Boeing 737-200 aircraft is being fixed in South Kuta as an upcoming tourist attraction.

In the past week, photos from the top of a cliff overlooking Nyang Nyang Beach have been circulating online and making headlines, showing the fuselage of a retired aircraft being put together. According to reports, the project is a collaboration between a Russian businessman identified as Felix Demin and the resident of Pecatu village, Made Sukardiana (Kur), who also owns the land where the plane will come to its complete stop.
“The main purpose is very simple, to give a new tourist icon for Badung regency that’s already famous with its unique destinations, while also giving a positive impact to the people of Pecatu village through the presence of this icon,” Made Kur said.
“Nyang Nyang Airplane” will reportedly be installed as part of a photo attraction and a hyper-luxurious accommodation in the Nyang Nyang Beach area. In addition, a contribution-based restaurant, where patrons can choose what to pay, is reportedly part of the development plans.
The project appears to be ongoing, so it’s arguably too early to say what might come of it. People aren’t as accommodating online, with many quick to tweet their opinions. Online, people appear concerned that the plane is spoiling the cliff’s gorgeous view of the ocean, and likening the spot to a boneyard.


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