Christian Arry is the leader of the new generation of local DJs rising thru the ranks! Armed with a huge music collection he has steadily gathered while learning his craft over many years with skills that match more than most, dont be fooled by the youthfulness of his looks this kid is the real deal and coming to a club near you. While you can catch Christian most nights of the week at Sky Garden their youngest resident DJ its what lays around the corner that could quite possibly take our favourite young gun to the next level! Teaming up with high profile female Indonesian DJ Putri Uni with a new project, scheduled Australian festival appearances, diverse sets and all about respect are just some of key ingredients that are about the write the following chapters of the book of Christain Arry’s success within. Check out the inteview on the Bali Clubbing website now and catch him as the junior judge on the Bali Mixing Championships panel this Saturday night.


First of all tell us a bit about yourself? 
My name is Christian , im 21 years old ,I was born in Nusa tenggara Timur , and ive been Djing for 3 years

If you could name one special moment in your career that really took you from a up and coming /bedroom DJ to playing mainstage at Bali’s biggest nightclub Sky Garden almost every night of the weekwhat would be that moment?
One special moment in my career that really took me up is when I met the owner of sky garden and he wanted to help and manage me to be a Talented DJ and het let me play at sky garden when I was just 17 years old. Another big moment that happened to my life is when I played after Yellow Claw, Danny Avilla and Indonesian celebrities like putri una , winky wiryawan, Al Ghazali

What was the first tune you purchased / downloaded and what is the latest tune you have added to collection.
The very beginning of my career my collection was only edm but the more I I play, I discovered that I like so many genres and the latest tune that I added to my collection is future bass and trap

Describe your sound and a regular set during the week at Sky Garden?
My sound during the regular week set in is more into mashup edm bounce but sometimes I go to trap/twerk and go back to mashups , I usually mcing during my set and make a communication with the crowd using my music and my energy , sometimes I stand on the dj booth and jump together with the crowd.


How do you sets differ from warm up to peak time? 
From warm up to peak time I sets my music from housy to progressive house and slowly go to edm trap, during the peak time im not only play edm trap/twerk but I also play progressive house, house or whatever I like

You recently started a new project B2B with high profile female Jakarta DJ Putri Una.Tell us more about that concept? What are your plans? how did it start?
Me and una met at sky garden, I always play after her everytime she perform at sky garden , last month we have a meeting with my manager and her manager to talk about a concept for me and her and the next day we play together on Friday 17 June. During our set, we can combine our music and energic stage performance ,she also mcing and she did a Live PA , that night was just so awesome and the room was pumpin Me and una currently preparing for our first Tour And Some music production .


Anymore big projects coming our way soon we can stay tuned for? If so tell us more! lots more…
Next big project is I’ll be playing at the big festival in Australia together with Skytek that also sky garde resident djs.

Any production we can listen out for or check out online? 
How about your soundcloud account? Whats the address?


Lastly some advice for all the young guns coming thru the DJ ranks! 
Lets hear your guidance on such a hard and competitive industry and what could be some great words of encouragement and confidence for some of our readers and subscribers?
Im not really good on giving advice but I think if you want to be success in this industry, you have to respect other and keep yourself humble and always pray to God and He will take care of you.

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