With a promise to himself after turning 30 ‘to be good’ local favourite and resident DJ for Sea Vu Play, Oldmans & Track 9 to name a few ‘Ronny B Good’ has continued to spread his vibe across Bali. Originally from Jakarta his eclectic taste in music has really starting to pay dividends with a history of residencies and guest spots dating back to 2009 – his dedication is true testament to ‘never give up’. With a background in Soul his sound slowly developed into Disco, Funk and chews thru the genres in his carefully curated sets venue and event dependent.  If you not had the pleasure of sharing a disco laced workout courtesy of yours truly never fear as the Ronny B Good experience is only just around the corner! Bali Clubbing’s local spotlight continue to unearth our home crowd favourites this time round courtesy of a legend already in the making. 

First of all please tell us about where you are from, your family heritage and how you come from there and become resident at Petitenget’s newest hangout spot – Sea Vu Play?
i was born in Jakarta but originally my father is from Semarang (Centre of Java) and my mother is from Madura (East Java). Start DJ-ing after I’m done with my band in Jakarta and starting a new life here in Bali. One day i met Paul Brown, he was the chef on one of the venue that i played around seminyak area. He’s the one that recommend me to Sea Vu Play.

How did you get your DJ name? What were some other options you were considering before Ronny B Good hit the www?
Referring to Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Good. at first time thats only a joke between me and friends. but later i found it very suits me, cuz i promised to my self that I’m gonna be good for my family and my closest friends after age 30th…no more bullshit!

Whats been your favourite show at Sea Vu Play since they opened up? Also the food looks amazing what has been your favourite on the menu so far? While we are here how about recommending a drink for both the ladies and the gentlemen?
Still the sea vu play opening party is my favourite show, the vibe and the people was great. my favourite menu is the soft shell crab sliders and for drinks you should try the spicy margarita & bourbon negroni.

The doors are about to open, your running late for work and your thinking about jumping straight up on the turntables, plugging in your headphones – which is the tune thats in your head your going to start with?
Hahaha…just ask my friends, thats very common situation for me! lol…well its depends on what kind of situation is, but in my head right now is Radio Days – Fred Falke feat. Shotgun Tom Kelly.

Whats your set up your currently performing with and how does it differ to what you started to practice on and learning the art of DJing and turntablism?
Im not a turntablist more into laptopist…:)) I’m using HID mode on Pioneer CDJ or my Pioneer We-Go, both are with my own custom mapping.

Ronny B Good 05

What was the first first record you purchased on vinyl and do you still have it?
Instead of vinyl, i dig more into cassette cuz back then it was more reasonable to collects here in Indonesia.
but if you still want to know the first cassette that i bought is the Uggly Kid Joe’s E.P – As Uggly As They Wanna Be.
it only have 6 songs inside but i listen to that over and over again! lol

Where do you see DJ technology heading to in the next 5 years?
I see it more kind of live set or live PA things, so every DJ will have their own signature style with their signature sound

Your current top 5 is?
– The Cuban Brothers feat. Baby Bam – Cookin
– Vitalic – Poison Lips
– Copycat – Disco Thang (Lou Teti remix)
– David Caetano – Keep on Dub (Funk O’Ya Remix)
– Superkid – Space Drumming

You must have some great gigs coming up over the festive season.
Where else can we catch you?

Yes indeed, i’ll be the opening act for Bag Raiders on the 6th January at Sea Vu Play.
beside at Sea Vu Play I’m playing regularly at Oldman’s (canggu) and Track 9 (dewi sri street)

Whats Next for Ronny B Good?

My next project will be producing with my friends in S.R.M.K (Sindikat Rock Masa Kini)


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