Denyz Andrews is no stranger to his name blown up in lights, billboards and magazines all around Bali and beyond! He has performed at Ultra Music Festival in Bali 2 years running, is arguably the highest respected of all Bali’s DJ teachers, regularly doing product launches for brands such as Kawasaki and is playing right across the island some weeks on a 7 night basis. Mission accomplished? Not even started for Denyz with a new vocalist project in the makings, pioneering the Psy trance movement into the deeper darker underground clubs of Bali and pushing the next generation into the spotlight it wasnt a hard choice once again for the #localspotlight this time around at #baliclubbing HQ.

1. Before we kick things off, please tell us about where you are from and your family background?
My parents are originally from Bali, but they moved to Lombok since 1975. My families background is working in automotive and garment industry. But for myself, I work in music industry.

2. How did you choose your DJ name? Did you know that Dennis Andrews is a American rugby player?
I didn’t chose it, because it’s my real name and I have it on my citizen card and I don’t know if there’s American rugby player that have that name.

3. How do you start you career as a DJ?
I starting my career as a musician and play bass with one of the Top40/Indie Label Bali band, and as the industry began to change in the beginning 2001 I began to experimenting in electronic music. Starting out a few DJ shows to a promising job, now it become mainstream & fulltime.

4. For our readers that don’t get to go to some of the more underground Bali clubs in places like Denpasar how do you compare the difference to somewhere a bit more obvious like on Legian street?
In the clubs in Denpasar, I feel more pressure because they’re local and they have a different taste of music compared to the people that from abroad. Purely I play by analyzing and reading the crowd. When I play in Legian, I feel more easy because the crowd in Legian are lots from outside of Indonesia and also party makers that move from one club to another and know how to have a good time.

5. What was the first song that you ever downloaded and how’s that song influence the way you play your set today?
Basically I learn to DJ by myself without a instructor, so I got inspired by a lot of genres. Around that time its not easy for someone to download a record or song because minimum access to the internet so we as a DJ often shared our records. When I started to DJ I’m really into techno, tribal and hard house in 2003/2004 era whith Carl Cox as a stand out producer for me.

6. Now, what’s your top 5?
1. 21st street & Kash Trivadi – Magic Globe
2. 21st Street – Is It Love
3. Jerome Isma-ae – Love in Stereo
4. Daniel Portman – Love To The Minimal
5. Boris Brejcha – Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (Phineas Bootleg)


7. What’s your top 5 venues & shows?
– Bali are V-Club, Potato Head (Ultra 2015 & 2016) A-Club & Boshe Vvip Club.
– Outside Bali are Shelter Bandung, Club 31 Bogor, Empirica Jakarta, Cd’s Club Medan & Balikpapan and also Monalisa Sorong Papua.
– Overseas – Love Bar Fashion Hotel Singapore.

8. Where are you resident DJ and where can we hear you playing?
How about any other projects you are involved with ? Anything else we should know about?

I’m playing regularly at A-Club (4th floor Akasaka Building) every Sunday and you guys can check on my mixtapes and also my events at www.denyz-andrew.com.
This February, I just started my project and establish it more thru this year, Currently were working on some tracks & live P.A concept with singer and also live electric percussion.

9. Where do you see DJ technology going to in the next 3-5 years as we have seen some very big changes in the way a DJ performs in recent years?
The way I see it is there will be a lot of Instant DJ’s only performing of software or a couple of DJ players that have a auto-sync feature. For DJs that have basic fundamentals we need to think and explore how to combine the technology with our skills so we can make something that is different and cool.

10. How about outside of DJing what else do you do ? Any other professions?
Besides DJing I’m an instructor at Pro DJ School Bali, I also have the same hobby like my family – automotive. Also I like riding time with my big bike alongside the Yamaha Factory Racing Bali and hanging out with my car community, Toyota Kijang Club Indonesia. Last, I also sell second hand big motor bikes.


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