Outside of the usual and obvious late night tourist attractions the name Hanna Woo might not be as known but dig a bit deeper into the industry and its a name thats on heavy rotation. While priding herself on not following the trail of some of more better know careers of her peers she is doing things her own way. Turn the page again and Hanna Woo’s book of all things chosen she has a big eduction behind her from humble beginnings but with big goals set. With residencies at Finns Beach Club and Boshe, a diploma in business and things are only just starting to get started as far as we’re concerned! Want to know more, we sure did! Check out Hanna’s turn to shine under the local spotlight this week!

Hi Hanna, one of the most wanted female dj in Bali, how’s things?
We wanna know first about you and your family background first and also about your education stories.

Hello, I’m great. Thanks for that predicate, I’m so honoured.
I have an ordinary family, nothing special, just human being. I’m a Diploma of Banking Finance from Udayana University.

We really curious, how you start your DJ life and how did you get your DJ name?

It start from my dance passion and I really love to dance on the dance floor, because my basic is a dancer when I was in junior and senior high school, but not a sexy dancer. In 2012, I went to a one of the top of line club and I saw a nice DJ that really have a lot of fans in that time and he is cool. From that moment, I start to think that I can be like him too. So, here I am.

For my DJ name, Hanna is my real name which I take from yuhanna, and Woo is given by the owner of Pioneer Pro DJ School Management, Mr. Budi Hartono. He think that I’m a Chinese women, eventhough I’m not.

Who’s your role model for now as a DJ or who’s your favorite DJ and why?
Myself, because I like myself, I should be myself, and because I love myself and I just want to be me. I like to walk along with my heart and brain, not like others, because I know what I should do and what I’ve done. But, there’s a couple of great DJ but they’re not my role model.

What’s your top 5 songs?
So many favorite songs in my head, but for me this my top 5:

1. Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe – Lean Back
2. Drake – One Dance
3. Drake – Hotline Bling
4. Kungs – This Girl
5. The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk – I Feel It Coming

There is no doubt your kicking some serious butt on the DJ circuit in Bali.
Can you tell us where your resident DJ and where you are playing?

Now I’m a resident at Boshe VVip Club Bali and also regularly at Finn’s Beach Club, Canggu.

You’ve been saw a lot of big DJ from inside and outside from Indonesia, and even you were the opening act for them, who’s the most outstanding DJ that you ever saw in your life and why?

Jevin Julian, such a nice person and so humble. He didn’t play a commercial or top40 songs to get a attention from the crowd and his songs make a live atmosphere in the club. Maybe it’s about principal. Beside he can play the CDJ well, he also can rap and doing a beat box. I’m pretty sure, not everyone can do it and he is so talented.

What’s equipment you prefer to perform on?
When I start to DJ, all of the things are already digital, so beside I use CDJ’s at my residency club, I use XDJ-RX and also Sennheiser hd 25 as my headphone.

Any big projects or shows coming up we should know about?
This month I have a tight scheduled same like the last month for sunset and night. Soon, I’ll be playing at the Gathering and Tour Party in Pan Pacific Hotel in Tanah Lot, Bali and also after party for the wedding.

Let’s check out from the DJ life, what is your professions or hobby or the things that we should know?
I got so many options in my head that I want to do outside from the DJ life, but 75% time are used for DJ. But, I plan to have a Limited Liability Company and I do business from this company. Now I’m still learn the process more and more about the rules and etc. Beside that, I have a small business in online shop to support my finance. The last option for me is become a banker.

If you only have 50.000 in your purse and you only have the last 3 days of your life, what would you do?

I’ll give that money to the poor and because I’m not a great person yet, I want be the nicest women in my last day.


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