Rumour around Bali is your bringing something different to town with each show with your performances. For those that haven’t seen you perform before can you tell us about your show and where we can catch you over the next couple of weeks?
I want to say thank you for that rumour, and I’m really thankful because of my hardwork, there’s a result. I will try to be better DJ more than before. In the next couple of weeks, you can catch me at Oceans27, Facebar Dhyana Pura and also I’ll be playing outside Bali.

Outside of the local Bali DJ circuit, where else have you been playing? Both out of the usual City spots and outside of Bali?
Ok, in Medan, Jakarta, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Sintang, Pontianak, Yogyakarta, Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Malang, Jember, Probolinggo, Gili, Bandung, Manado and Dili. Next, there will be more

You’ve been enter this entertaiment world for lots of years. Can you tell us the best memorable shows that you ever play?
Basically, I’ve been entering this entertaiment world since 2006-2007. But I start to establish myself from 2012 until now. The most memorable place that I ever played is in Probolinggo. Why?Because it’s the city where I was born and they give me trust to be the one of the entertainer in the place where I’m born. I feel so proud and they start to recognize about me.

Your residency and your show at nightclub surely have a lot of differences, we believe that you have your own perception on it. Can you describe it to us?
The differences are, as a resident we must make sure the guest is stay and consume. When it comes to the nightclub show, I become more idealist into my music but still make my guest feel enjoy and happy. Beside that, in nightclub I exploring more of my fashion style and my character.

At your own house, or at your computer, how you usually prepare your set or what is your ritual before you went to your own show?
I already a couple of music that I’ve remix, that same with my character and my taste. Before the show, I usually didn’t eat a lot a food that is oily, and also I didn’t drink a cold drink to keep my voice. Those ritual will make me more enjoy and confidence in the platform.

What was the first record you ever downloaded and how has this now influenced what your playing in your sets right now?
Starting my career as a live p.a, my first ever song that I sang are Clarity and Jar of Hearts. Those songs was a top hit from back then until now and lots of people recognize those songs. So, went I play those songs, those are the bombs.

Since 2017, we know that you’ve listened to a lot of music. Who is the biggest artist that you discovered maybe that you didn’t know about them before?
Those big artist are Zara Larsson with her song, Never Forget You. But, for me, still the best DJ is Calvin Harris because He always make Top hits.

What is your goals and dreams in the next 5 years in your DJ career?
I hope in a couple of years, people will know me more than before and I will not play tracks from other DJ, but I will play my own tracks. Hopefully it will become a top hit in Indonesia music industry.

In 2016, you enter the Bali Urban Arts Experience 2016 DJ competition, what do you think about that competition and did you still remember how it all went?
In that time, I didn’t prepare much because it’s all of a sudden. So I just play the tracks that I already set before and because I also perform in that event and lots of friends support me to join in the DJ Competition and thankfully I make it to the final and become the second winner.

In 2017, you’ll be the one and only artist that will play in this Bali Urban Arts Experience 2017, how did you feel and any special preparation or maybe a surprise?
It’s was a honor, because Bali Clubbing and Bali Urban Arts Experience give me a big trust to be the one and only big artist that perform in that event. Really thank you for that trust.

So, Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng?Your choice and tell us why?
I choose Mie Goreng, because since I was a kid, that’s my favorite food and it’s delicious and also they have a lot of variants. Nowadays, there’s a lot a spicy levels for eating Mie Goreng.



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