Hello the Balinese Champion, how’s life?

Hello BaliClubbing, now I’m a university student at Undiknas, this June I will be 20 years old, and I have 1 sibling. Life is great.

Can you tell us a bit about your DJ path?

I started to learn DJ since 2013 and my first gig is in 2014, and my first festival in Dewata Project from 2014 and until last year, 2016. In 2016, thankfully I had a chances to play out of Bali and also at Independance Music Festival and also play at Ultra Music Festival.

What’s idealistic genre and who inspire you in your career?

I like trap, dubstep and bass things. My inspirations are Skrillex, Jauz and Getter. But, I play all genres.

Very great performance that you showed in Final of Bali Urban Arts Experience DJ Competition 2017, how do you prepare your set and how do you feel to be the winner of this competition?

Well, first of all, I didn’t wanna come to the final because I haven’t set any songs. At 5 P.M, I started to look for a songs as my set. So, I just play what I’ve been set and had before. I’m so surprised and also happy because I become the winner.

Any expectation for the next year competition?

Maybe, I will join again but I just do my best and without thinking that I’ll be winning or not. My aim is just to know my skill and also learn another skills from other contestant.

What’s your plan with the money that has been given to you?

I haved gave it 1/2 to my parents, and also the rest I save it in the bank.

Is there any particular dream that you wanna reach in this couple a year or who’s Indra Riggz inside and outside from DJing world ?

In my DJ world, I want to be more known than before and outside from DJ world, I want to graduate from my university more faster.

Who’s the person that really support your life until now?

Of course it’s my parents, they always support me for all of the things that I do.

So, tell us about your residency and where we can catch your show?

I used to be a resident in Lv8 Vue Beach Club, Canggu. You can ctach my show by checking my instagram account.


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