First of all tell us about your family heritage and some background on your family?
Is there any other members of the Alvin fam that are in the music industry or have some music skills in their blood?

We are not specifically coming from a family with a musical background, but we got an introduction in arts in general since our early age.
My late Grandfather was a role model in the family.He was a very education minded. He pushes us, me, my brother and my cousins to have at least one skill besides the formal education and be good at it. My brother is really good in drawing. One of my cousins become a ballerina and teaches ballet and the other is drummer at the band. My uncle was also in the band during his collage time, and my mother used to be a Balinese dancer when she was young and she plays piano. I choose to focus in DJ.

How did you find yourself playing great underground music compared to the usual obvious stuff that lots of your peers from Jakarta are playing? What was your first gig?

Actually there are lots of great DJs from Jakarta and there are also lots of great parties if you know where to go.
For me, it all started in late 90s, when I used to sneaked out from my house, jumping out from the fence while my mates waited in the car outside ready to pick me up to go to Parkit Night Club. It was my first introduction to House music. I was only 16 that time. Then I moved to Gold Coast Australia after finished my high school, and it plays major role in my background to discover my sound. Maybe it’s because I was very young and far away from my family. I can do whatever I want literally. From raving in the warehouses, bush, basement and listening to pretty much anything from house, breaks, hard house, and even gabber. Then I got attracted to Progressive House. Im a big fan of Danny Howells. I used to buy records from the label like Hooj Choons, Alternative Route, Yoshithoshi, Vapour Recordings, and Zero Tolerance. I also been asked and join local labels in Brisbane, there I started experience to organizedunderground parties. In 2003, for the first time I saw Plastikman play. The room was small and foggy and people were totally lost in sound.It was stuck in my head, and so on my music also transformed from heavy bass line with melodic chords into something more minimal. I went back for good to Jakarta sometimes in 2006. Trance and Electro was big in Jakarta that time, and the major dance floorwas not ready for Minimal sound, so I have to adjust my sound for the main room, so it wasn’t to minimal, and created my own regular party in a small capacity room to introduced the minimal sound. I love to come to underground parties back then and hang out with the people. I try to engages with different the scenes and learn what they want. I’m very open to many styles of music and it makes me more flexible to play in different scenes without losing my character.

My first gig was at my mate house warming party back in university days. It was 1999 or 2000. And my first pay gig also around that time. Cannot remember how much was it, all I remember I can buy some records from it.

So while we are on the subject of your first gig and first paid performance what the one track that stick in your mind you played in that set that currently influences what you are playing in your sets today?

I guess it must be Towards Omega by Astral Matrix

Alvin K’s top 5 currently is?

1. What Is Dub Love – Joeski
2. Blow (Sabo & Paul Devro Dub) – Smalltown DJs
3. Soul For Sale – Fiberoot
4. Ride (Solomun Remix) – Kittin & Dubfire
5. Boilered – Tuff City Kids

Jakarta is such a big city and massive population its virtually impossible to keep a track of what is happening all the time but we love to hear about the underground places and events that just dont hit the www’s eye view to the general public! Where does Alvin K like to go hangout to listen to some great upfront late night techno beats in J town and why?

It was quiet a moment ago since I left Jakarta. I was stay in Cambodia for a year before move here. There are lots of places where you can hear variety of good electronic music in Jakarta. I’m not a purist, I dont always listen to techno. Disco scene in Jakarta is also very interesting. You can go to Mondo or come to Monday Mayhem party to hear something you cannot hear in major club in Jakarta. If you are into deeper sound, my regular event in Jakarta, called Glimpse, is one of the choices for you. Me and my partner, Indra7, runs the event since 2007. Since I left the city, Indra is fully charge with the event. Party that created by the boys from House Cartel, Dekadenz, Pleasure, and Enter The Void are also interestingplace to hang out and enjoy good music and atmosphere.

Any production currently in the making we can check out? How about some mixes and some social media links?

You can check my mixcloud at www.mixcloud.com/ALVIN_K

Your in the process of just relocated to Bali correct? Is that due to work? What else are you planning to do outside of DJing in Bali ? Anything else in the hospitality or music industry?

I feel Bali is a good place for me to raise my kid and be with my family. We have more quality time to spend together here. We moved here on August 2016, we are new on the island. We left everything that we have in the city and start a new life here. I work in a Production House on weekdays. But my main priorities off course my family and music.

Alvin K’s newly found favourite restaurant and warung in Bali is?
Any why?

Lots of good food here, I couldn’t pick just one. It sounds a bit common but Mykonos still one of my favourite place to eat. And if you like something spicy, there is a warung in Teuku Umar called Sambal Pedas Sisca, specialty in rice cake in curry sauce with a chicken, veggie, and anchovies on top of the dish.

You’ve got 50,000 RP left in your wallet and the world is going to end in 30 minutes what you going to do?

I probably give it to you.

Next up for Alvin K is??

I will continue what I have started. Music is my passion and DJ is a medium to express it. So I will keep moving forward, make new friends in the island, and together, hopefully we could create something memorable for the scene.


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