Hailing from Medan, Blooded in Bandung and regularly rocking super clubs in Bali and Jakarta, Mc Keebo is a firm fixture on the Indonesia club circuit. Take a quick look into the world according to our favourite Sumartan MC turned Mirror’s resident Master of Ceremony and you know this guy has it covered! Supporting some of his most respected producers and introducing his childhood friends come partners in the entertainment industry is all in a days work for Mc Keebo. While his name for those in the know of a little Indonesia language might be obvious where its coming from its not until getting thru our exclusive local spotlight that the truth comes out! Check it out now!

Halo Keebo, how are you? It’s our first time interviewing MC for Bali Clubbing and such a privelege for us for having you as our first MC interview. Have you ever got an interview before?Can you tell us the history of Keebo name?

Holla! Alhamdulillah I’m great, and thank you very much for interviewing me for Bali Clubbing. Yap, this is my first interview! Okay, will start for the history behind my “KEEBO” name. Haha..sounds weird, because mostly the people who read and spell my would be “KEBO” (Indonesian translation for buffalo). Basically, it all started from my childhood, my brother always called me “KIBO” because I had a an afro hair (Keribo = afro). So that’s why, “KEEBO” become my MC name and I didn’t have any clue for other name. Gladly, this name has bring a lot of luck. Haha…

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First of all, do you mind to tell us about your family background and how do you start your MCing career?

I’m originally came from Medan, and when I turn to High school, I would like to have a career and be independent. So, after I graduated, I decide to move another city. Well, for my MCing career it was accidently. At that time, I accompany my friend that is a DJ to a club called Legacy, in Bandung. The marketing said that they need a MC for the club and I tell them that I can, even though I didn’t have any experience for that. So yeah, that was my first gig… Hehehe…

For you, what is a definition for MC?

Master of Ceremony
When I’m being a MC for a club/nightlife, definitely have my own portion and I have to have a knowledge about the songs that are plays by the DJ, have to know when I have to talk on the microphone, handle every situations, Taking control the crowd, boost em’ energy, make them sing, dance and make sure they’re happy!

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We know that you’ve already collaborated with a local and international DJ, are they any specific differences when you Mcing them?

100 %, for internationals, I have to be really careful and know the “right moment”. So, I don’t talk that much on the microphone. The others, just the same. Hehe…

What’s your top 6 epic moments as a MC until now?

1. When people turn them lights on and make some “heey-hoo” sound with me. And the waves tho.
2. When I hear the voices of whole people sing out loud with me in the club / festival.
3. Mc-ing my favorite duo DJ, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano at Mirror Bali.
4. One stage with Barong Family crew at Trans Studio Bandung. The most humble gang in the world, Barong Family. Much love ❤️
5. Met lots of International DJs all around the world in the Club / Festival (best experience ever)
6. And last but not least, becoming part of Trigger Production and ALL IN Family.

What is the worst line that ever come out from a MC?

I have no idea…haha…Next please.

Where are your residency as a MC?

For now, I’m a resident MC at Mirror Club Bali and Fable Jakarta.

You’ve been doing this job for ages, tempted to become a DJ dan who’s your role model as MC? Maybe Ambush, Bizzey, Lil’Jon or others?

DJ? maybe not for now, still trying to reach my other dreams on the MC world circuit. I have a lot of role models, and kind of hard to call one by one. But, my favorite for club and festival are MC Gee, Ambush and Goodgrip.

Beside your residency, did you have any other projects that we have to know?

Alhamdulillah, my projects for this year are much more compare to last year. Still a lot of projects with my DJ friends and the local producer. Sttttttttttt still secret. Haha…

Outside from a MC world, what are your habit?

Sleep, eat, studio, sleep, eat, studio, repeat. I’m kidding. Lol…

For you, any food that can beat Indomie goreng?

Second options selain Indomie? NASI PADANG for sure! hahahaha…


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