From humble beginnings as a scratch DJ in a band and kicking it with the local neighbourhood DJ community entering DJ competitions to getting his productions released on labels such as Pacha, it might look all lazers and LED screens on the surface but dig a little deeper into the world according to Evan Virgan and its his never give up attitude thats put him at the forefront of the indonesian dance music industry. From winning producer of the year at the benchmark awards from Paranoia ( Hard Rock FM) to support from DJ magazine as their official Asian artist Evan Virgan is the real deal and breaking thru the pack one giant leap at a time. Fast forward to 2017 the awards and nominations keep coming and their is no signs of taking a backseat as we take a indepth look into the weekly local spotlight according to insert drum roll here >>> Evan Virgan.

Halo Evan, how are you? What a pleasant opportunity for us to have you as our local spotlight. How do you start your DJing career?

Halo, I’m feeling great. It’s all start when I have a band back then, and we already feeling bored to be an ordinary music band. So, one of my friend told me that he want to have a musical group that have members of rapper and DJ doing scratching. After that, my friend introduce me to an instructor DJ called Younan. He’s the one who teach me how to scratch and because he realize that I’m persistent, he ask me to join his DJ community called Eightball DJ Community, and that’s the moment where I met a lot of friends like GoezD (Deejay Club), Picco, Lanang Getto and other. They also support me to join the DJ Competitions in Bali, and I got
the 1st winner as “The Best DJ Performance”, “Country DJ&VJ Hunt 2008”, “1st winner Junior DJ Resident”, “Marlboro Black Menthol Endemix 2009”. That was my turning point to be really serious with this profession.

In 2009, I start to learn to produce and learn from tutorials. In 2010, Hard Rock FM have a competition for the young producers and I’m really surprise also shock at the same time, when that my track called “Far Away” got in “Paranoia Dance Album” by Hard Rock FM Jakarta. In 2013, my track called “Miami & Flash” got released in Pacha Recordings from Spain and I got the support from DJmag, they even put me in their leader board and that makes me an “Official Asia Artist” at that time. At the same year, I also got “Producer of The Year” in Paranoia Awards 2013 & 2014. It was my privilege that I can be the re-presenter of Bali. In 2015, I try to bring something new to my track and I need a vocalist to fill in the voice parts. After I finish wrote the lyric, my friend that help me to mixing & mastering my tracks, introduce me to a vocalist called “Kacir”, he was jazz vocalist and also a musician with a high profile on Indie music in Bali. Beside vocalist, I got a backup from my musicians friends, Korniawan as a guitarist and Edi Pande on Bass, because I need a real instrument sounds. That was the process of track called “Let It Go”. Alhamdulillah, I won the “Best Local Dance Track” on Paranoia Awards 2015. Since that moment, I always make a new track and have a collaboration with Cindy Bernadette on the 3 songs that I wrote,”Helliophilia”, “Secret” and the newest is “Can’t Get Enough” in 2017.


One of the best moment is when I got a chance to be one the official remixer for his track called, “Put ‘Em High” in his 3 labels, Stoneboy, Hedkandi, and Universal Music Australia. I still can’t believe that moment, because I could be one the official remixer for one the “Grammy Nominated DJ”. In 2017, I have a project with the songwriter & vocalist from America, Elle Vee and the track called “Can’t Get Enough”. Elle Vee already released a lot of tracks in Armada, Ultra, and Spinnin’ Records. In this year, I also gonna release my new song with DJ W.w & Ras Muhammad called “Trappin U”. It’s more trap and really different to my old tunes. There will be a couple of track that gonna release on the overseas labels. So, stay tune!

We’ve been hearing alot from you, especially when you started to have collaboration with Winky Wiryawan. Can you tell us the story, behind those project?

For me, this is a funny story, because it all started from twitter and I often send the link for my remix to Winky Wiryawan. After that, we exchange our contact and he want to make an album. I got the chance to saw him personally when he got a show in Bali, we talk a lot about his future album and suddenly he offer me to help him to make this album. In this process, he often came back and forth from Jakarta to Denpasar, because I lived in Bali. Overall, all of the songs, concepts,chords, lead melody, it’s Winky and I only touch up the sound design,and arrange it to be like this new generation sound (EDM) and my friend, Bentet (Tetustupid) for mixing and mastering Winky’s album. The responds from the listener, media, and other musicians are really well. We also want to say thanks to Marulli Tampubolon, Aqi Alexa, Audrey Singgih, DJ Cream,Tatis and also Adul.

The Remix is one of the best competition for the young producers and it’s really hype tv show for the dance music lovers. How do you feel when you got chosen to be 1 of the mentor in that tv show and what impact that you give to the contestants?

The remix is an educated TV show and evidence that we able to make a great remix and make the Indonesian songs turn to the next level. Beside that, we can also enjoy the music not only at the club, but also on the tv show. We also could see how amazing the Indonesian producers were. Winky chose me as a music consultant and I really happy about that, because I can share my knowledge to the other producers, but it’s more kind of sharing things, and not like a teacher and student. I believe we never stop learning, because there will be sky above the sky. Haha… Osvaldorio and Jevin Julian are two of the best, they are really talented.

We know that you’ve been travelling a lot in Indonesia and where is your favorite club and why? Have you ever play outside from Indonesia and could you tell us about those experiences?

Basically, a lot because every city have their own unique, type of crowd and others. But, Blowfish is my favorite one. Back in 2016, I got an offer from Malaysia, but I cancelled, because it’s the same time as the preparation time for “Djakarta Warehouse Project 2016”. I hope in the future, I will have the opportunity to play overseas. But, for now, me, Winky, and Kenny (the 1st winner of The Remix 2016) as the “FUN ON A WEEKEND” still preparing for our show at the WE THE FEST 2017.

Can you tell us about your residency and what is your management?

Before I tell you about my residency, I was playing from the High School event, to bazaar, birthday party and even prom night. After that, I become a resident in Rock Bar in 2013, Finns Beach Club and a couple of sunset bar. Now, I’m with Ismaya with their management called “INSPIRE ARTISTRY” management.

Now you’ve been producing a lot of songs, what is your favorite one and what’s your top 5 track lists when
you play at a club or festival?

Well, a lot of my songs have a lot different vibe, but I got to to tell the impact on those songs:
– “Miami” got release on Pacha Recordings (Spain) and got the “Best Local Dance Track of The Year” in Paranoia Awards 2015.
– Because of my track called “Silence”, I got a chance to have a collaboration with Elle Vee the songwriter that released her records in Armada, Ultra and Spinnin’ Records. It was a hit in top 100 Progressive House on Beatport (#97), March 2017.
– I have the opportunity to have the collaboration with one of the Indonesian Artist, Cindy Bernadette and got into the #18 on Laos Top 100 Digital Chart with my track called, “Can’t Get Enough”.
– “Everything” by Winky Wiryawan got a nomination in Electronic Dance Single in AMI Awards 2015 and also top #36 on iTunes Indonesia.

With the advance technology that we have in the musical industry, do you have any special set up in your live show? How’s the different compare to 4-5 years ago?

Nowadays, I only use USB. But, 4-5 years ago, I had to bring a lot of CD’s and it’s very heavy 😂. But, I miss those moments.

You’ve been getting a lot of awards in this electronic dance music industry. Is there any other dreams that you might want to reach in there future and is there any dreams that will come true this year?

Two of my biggest target are release my song in the most recognizing label like Spinnin’ Records, Mad Decent, DIM MAK, etc. and go international and got a chance to play at Ultra Festival, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld and others. But, I really thank God that I got a chance to play at Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014 & 2016. In the future, I have a plan to continue to make the third episode of my youtube channel called TNT (Trip N Tune), it’s a channel about Indonesian culture, from music, traditional dance and etc. that have a great musical background. 😀

You have met a lot of International and National DJ in your life. Between those amazing DJ’s, who do you want to have a collaboration with?

Afrojack, Yellow Claw and others. But, one of my dream that already come true are the collaborations with Stonebridge and Winky Wiryawan.

If you were playing at the club, full eith the sexy drunken chicks, and the lights come on and it will be the time play your last track. What track track you will choose?

For now, Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor 😀

Is there any last message that you want to tell to our readers?

Don’t forget to hear my project with Winky Wiryawan and Kenny, as a “FUN ON A WEEKEND”, check it out at : www.soundcloud.com/foawmusic. More about me:

– youtube.com/EVANVIRGANTV
– soundcloud.com/EVANVIRGAN
– instagram.com/EVANVIRGAN
– www.evanvirgan.com



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