Hai Mc Spicy, thank you for spending your time with us today. So, let’s start with your MC history. When did you start your MC career and why Spicy?

Hi, thank you.. It’s an honor for me. My MC career started from the event that I made myself in around 2006, at that time very difficult to find hiphop event that support local hiphop.. and I was moved to make a local hiphop event in some clubs in bali at that time..Spicy started from the name bboy because I used to be a bboy and founder of a community called Aerial Crew & Dewata Hiphop.

Cool, MC and B-boy…So, how long you’ve been a MC at Sky Garden Bali, voted #88 in top 100clubs worldwide? And what was the story behind that? Did you still dance sometimes when your on duty?

I’ve worked with Skygarden management from my breakdancer performance in Ocean Beach Club (OBC) but just started to become a Skygarden MC in 2013..and I’ve been an MC in several clubs including Mbargo and District club.

No, I only focus MC just when I on duty because,if I am dancing and MC it will be difficult for me to talk on the mic..

As a MC, who’s your biggest influence or role model in your MCing career and why?

My first influence MC was my brother Kamau aka Blackgold,he gave me lot of inspiration and knowledge..i also rapping and i hv Rap group called SnapBack. The next my influence MC is Chuck D (Public Enemy) and MC Gee (Sensation)

Interesting, could you tell a bit about your rap group? Are there any upcoming shows or projects that our readers should know?

Well, let’s start from my classic rap group,it was 2004 and called Detonator,we are 8peep on the group including my bro Optimuzt,Daddy O and DJ Ronaldmicrobot. The second group called High Philosophy with 5peep on the group with Kamau aka Blackgold,MC Suffice (UK) Daddy O etc. My last group still rockin today is SnapBack, I create this duo rap group with my partner Hakim aka K1M and our first DJ is DJ Cbee, even now SnapBack temporary fakum but now we rockin with DJ Yoga Yin. Yes, upcoming event on this september and november,Indonesian Bboy and Street Dance Community event will be held in Bali,stay tune!

You’ve been MCing at Sky Garden for a couple of years now.. Since the first job that you take until now. Who’s your favorite DJ’s performance and why? Beside that, who’s the resident DJ’s that really have a common/familiar genre with you and why?

Wow, I can’t even remember who’s the best DJ since i started MC in skygarden cuz i met so many good DJs and I am proud to have worked with them as a MC partner. About the resident,i love all my local resident DJs especially DJ YE and Leon Shady (even he is not a part of skygarden anymore)

What are your biggest dreams in your MCing career?

Well,I will not always be an MC and I have to share my knowledge to my next generation because I want Bali to have more local MC than now.

I saw in your social media account, you were related and close with the Bali Trance Family, have any thing in my mind to put your vocal on a trance song or even making a trance song?

Yes, me and my friends build a new community called Bali Trance in early 2014..we are 10 people in the group,all of us are equally lovers of Psytrance. I just started to produce Psytrance music hopefully I can release them soon..hahaha

If you have 1 chance to be an MC for 1 DJ all over the world, who would that be and why?

Hmmm… I love music and my music is not just Hip-Hop, I also listen to House,Trance And Techno. So, in every genre I have an idol respectively hehehe..

What are your hobbies outside from the MC’s world?

My hobbies is fishing, swimming and camping. I use to be a surfer when i was 13yo till 18 years old. Hahaha…

Where is your favorite place to hangout ?

My favorite place to hangout is the beach… Hahaha…


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