Pronounced ‘Gods Tone Market’ a project born in 2014 with a few key Balinese identities and clubs in the mix turned into what it is today but it took a lot more than a few short years for one of Indonesia’s hardest workers in the underground Drum & Bass scene to fly the flag that he waves in 2017. Dating back to the early 2000’s and a taste for Ska and Reggae, its instrumental that a career in music would be at the end of the tunnel. With key performances around Bali’s festive circuit consistently over the years, production at a steady flow and a compilation about to drop its a big world once you start opening up Godstonemarket’s bag of tricks so jump in and enjoy the ride.

Hai Godstonemarket, thank you for coming to our office. Without further do, let’s start this interview. We’ve been known your name for years now, but we never know, what is the meaning of that unique name? And could you tell us about how did you start you djing career?

My real name is Dunie and I’ve been involved in the electronic music since 2000 as a producer for a couple of artists at one of the art school at Jogjakarta, called “Sekolah Seni Pertunjukan”. On that year, I learn a lot of things about electronic music, industrial as specific until 2005. One of my main influence on that year are Prodigy and Moby. On 2005, there’s a lot of Drum & Bass Rave Party, it makes me turn my feeling from the commercial electronic music to electronic dance music that could makes people dance like crazy. It took me 2 years to finish 4 tracks and I make a project called Krezikultur which is a duo with one of vocalist from a metal band and myself. We’re so grateful, that one of our track got into a compilation album called, Homegrown – a compilation album of Indonesian Drum & Bass Music by Javabass. We tour a lot for a year, played from venue to venue and festival to festival. After that, I move to Bali for good. This is where the real journey start, I make a drum & bass community & movement. We got the trust from one of the legend club in Bali called Syndicate to make a reqular event once a month and finally make a Java-Bali tour in 2009 & 2010. I got a resident in a couple of venue as a digital artist, but it doesn’t stop me for making tracks. That’s the moment where I start making a project called Godstonemarket.

Godstonemarket is an unfinished project that I make back in 2014. One of my friend that I met on 1 event at Pyramid, it was an collaboration event with one of the most famous Punk bank from Bali called, S.I.D featuring myself, and he offer himself to have a collaboration with him that combine DJ and drum set. After he know that I already had a lot of tracks which is ready to turn as an album, he help me to finish this album and launch this album. Finally, the album got released with an electronic live band format called Gods Tone Market, which means space where Gods treat tones.

Choosing Drum & Bass as your main genre, of course it against the trend on 2017. Why did you choose this genre and have you ever think to make an upcoming projects or tracks from other genre?

First, back in high school, I really interested in ska, punk rock, and hardcore. After I change my interest to electronic music, I got the chemistry with Drum & Bass. Second, I hate to enter the compete world, because when people compete in the commercial world, underground music able to express the sound of unity.

My upcoming projects are a collaboration with one of the best female rapper, Yacko and also raggamuffi rapper, Jonskee. These tracks have dub-reggae beat with modern drum sound with a heavy synth bass. We’ve mastered the track and just waiting for the publisher contract and after that we can release the track to the world.

What do you think about the Drum & Bass scene in Bali right now?

For me, it’s like a sun and moon to the world, sometimes people didn’t care about what happen around them, but this scene is keep moving and exist.

Who is your biggest influence for your musical life? Have you ever meet this person or even share the stage with them?

My biggest influences are Rancid, The Transplants, Prodidy, Moby and Blink-182. For the Drum & Bass scene are Pendulum, London Electricity and Rudimental. I’ved involve as one of the visuals for Rudimental, last year.

Do you have any special place when you making track? Also, what is your favorite program and setup to make those tracks?

Right now the best program I ever use is Logic Pro 10, anywhere as long I have computer, soundcard and headphone I can make a track and also have a time. 😀

This year, you got chosen as one of the nominee for Drum & Bass DJ of the year from the most precious electronic dance music award in Indonesia, Paranoia. How do you feel about that and is this the first time you got chosen as the nominee?

This is my second time got a nomination on Paranoia Awards as the best Drum & Bass DJ of the year. Back in 2010, I got nominated for the same category on Redma awards by Ravelex Indonesia. Yeaahh I feel really excited, because for the couple of years this category start to grab peoples attention.

I believe you’ve been touring and play in a lot of stages. What is the most memorable moment for you from the first gig that you ever stepped on and why?

I have three most memorable gigs, the first one on 2007, at CellsButton Festival #1, we play on the floating stage at the center of the lake beside place where the government put the extinct animals and there’s a big eagles cage and it was the background of the stage. There’s projectors shooting the visuals to that cage.
The second one got to be the Dimension Playground #5 – Gorillaz Sound System, because I got a chance to play as the opening DJ. The last but not least, is my live set at Bluemoon festival at Serangan Island featuring Wolf Pack.

We nearly end this 2017, what are the highlight of this year?

I got a lot of great tracks and prepare for a compilation album called “Bali Boombox #1”, it’s a Bali electronic music compilation album.

What is your expectation for the future Drum & Bass DJ in Bali & Indonesia?

My biggest hope for Drum & Bass Bali/Indonesia is to be the contributor to the electronic music industry in the world.

Outside from DJ world, did you have any other hobbies/job? How did you manage your time between doing the DJ life and those hobbies/job?

My hobby is talk with my cats and sleep.. 😀 haha kidding.. My main job is Digital Visual Artist and I manage my time by just focus on the main job and main goal, if it’s not really important I will hold them until I have time to do it.

I often saw you always wore hat, is that your lucky charms?

Hahahaha.. yes they are my crown… 😀 Sometime to be a public figure, identity is a must.

If you can only have one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

I want to be a tree because they keep the life’s go on and they are strong whatever kind of storm hit, they stay steady.

Where we can saw or hear your upcoming projects?

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