DJ Electrooby arguably is one of the talented producer and DJ that is owned by Indonesia at this time. He is the winner of the contest remix of song “If You Go”, the single which DJ Riri feat Mei Chan released in 2014. Then he went into the top five in “The Remix Season II” which aired by NET TV 2016.

To further elevate his name in electronic music scene he also collaborated with many artists and musicians, such as Riri Mestica, Putri Danizar, and Brianna Simorangkir.

Through a lot of work produce he received many positive responses. In 2015, he officially joined SPINACH REC and express himself with beats and drops to make your party more lively.

Top 5 djs

– Skrillex
– DJ Snake
– Zedd
– Petit Biscuit
– Madeon

What was the first record you can remember listening to that now currently influences your sets?

I can say that “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” album by Skrillex is the most influential album that made me start as a producer and a DJ.

Your playing at Lxxy this week. Is this your first time at Bali'[s next super club? What can you tell our readers about the venue? The sound system? The lighting? Some of the acts they have booked?

I have performed in Bali a lot of times already but this is the first time i will perform in Lxxy, I’m very excited to play there as i know too that in Lxxy there are always big names who plays there.

How about your set up to produce music on. What are you using? Software? Computer? Plugins? Speakers? How about what headphones you use the Dj?

For music production I use Fruity Loops as my main DAW, I use a lot of Nexus, Serum, and Massive as plug-ins, my favorite speakers that I currently use is KRK Rokit, and the headphone that i use to do live set are Pioneer DJE 2000, for producing I use ATH M50X headphone to get more detailed sound that I desire to use.

When your not touring the clubs in Indonesia what do you like to do with your spare time?
How about Mondays? Whats the perfect monday for you?

If im not touring I always give couple of hours to continue unfinished songs and do some DJ rehearsals, I also take care of my own Merchandise line “Anxiety”, I have big concerns for my fans so I always give time to reply my fans on social media whenever im on the road, when there is still free time from all of the things above I love to go out and skate, I also enjoy online gaming such as PUBG mobile (ID Electrooby) with friends and fans to balance out all the hecticness that are happening in my life.

Any up and coming Indonesian producers that you would like to shout out so our readers can check them out more?

This is a hard question for me to answer as there are a lot of great upcoming DJ and Producers, my biggest hope is for everyone in the scene to work hard so together we can raise our Indonesian flag anywhere in the world if the chance are up there!

Next up for Electrooby is ?

The next project will be a banging video clip with my brother Atta Halilintar which will shoot and take place in Bali. For the long run I’m planning to release an EP Album hopefully by next year!



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