Part DJ, part Indoemie enthusiast, Indonesian electronic music royalty and all-round legend, let us introduce you this week to one of Bali’s most dedicated and mainstay DJS! From hosting the Bali sector of Paranoia FM’s radio duties, destroying all the mainstage festivals across the island for more than a decade and playing a huge part in blooding the next generation of local DJ’s – Echa flys his countries flag proudly on his heart. Residencies at Sky Garden, Shishi and working hand in hand with the biggest sponsored shows Indonesia has to offer it’s his not so serious side to things that really keep him ahead of the pack. His skills and record knowledge are his weapon and he let’s them do the talking while you do what’s important and that’s dance. Did we forget to mention the part about his love for Noodles? All that and more is why you still find Bali’s go-to selector of all genres, rocking clubs across the island year after year – a pleasure to finally pin him down for an interview while we have some time to reflect of the good days ahead in Bali 2020.

What’s been the best tune you discovered so far about the lockdown Indo Mie Train??

Japanese anime style cover of doja cat – say so and some weird British grime rap song about indomie.

If the world was about to end and the panic hoarders had grabbed all the Indomie in every store across Bali, what’s gonna be your go to breakfast, lunch and dinner til the end of time and why??

Rice….im asian duh should be obvious

Did you see our feature a year or so ago with the Indomie Air Jordan?
Your guys here really take this Indomie stuff serious hey? Any tips from your childhood days and usage of Indomie outside of eating the stuff?

Yes, air Jordan are cool, but I’m more of an Adidas head.
.Dude there are literally internet battles between what’s best, indomie or mie sedaap, a purist will say anything other than indomie are posers. You can use indomie as a laptop stand, that’s actually what I’m using now for my live stream, i don’t own a laptop stand.

So it’s obvious your kids school lunch has some indomie yeah? What else is in the standard kid’s lunchbox as he takes on his daily trip to school in Bali??

Are we talking about Indonesian school? like real indo school? we don’t pack lunches, lots of school street sellers, most of em are unhealthy and borderline toxic, like cheap colorful drinks that gets its colors from dye, like dye not real dye, and nasty fried foods, i mean at least in my days, now it’s better, but I gave my kid allowance and he buys foods at school, it’s probably gonna give us cancers or turn our immune system almost superhumans.

Let’s talk about the subject of trash since its a big issue here to and a lot of it made up from Indomie wrappers. What have you noticed some positive impact in the last 12 months that’s starting to happen with the management of rubbish and what the local community in your hood are up to? Maybe some advice for anyone reading this?

In seriousness, yes the trash is a problem, i myself in the household practice as much as green initiative as possible, we use reusable bags and water bottles, even cassava-based plastic for My wife, she actually uses the indomie wrapper to grow potted plant and herbs, to line the pots, she clean em, make some hole, lines the small pots with em, put some soils and seed, keeps the soil moist longer she said.

Oh and while your doing some pics lets see a picture of your home set up now during the lockdown.
Some of those live streams have been great.

What’re all your social media links?

LOL it’s a cheap controller I got for free.It’s a small iPad controller pioneer gave me I don’t own a proper set.
instagram : @echa0361
twitch : twitch.tv/echa0361

That’s where I do my live streams, which started seriously and could turn into a mess once i got drunk, each week i focus on one specific genre and style of music.
Almost forgot my soundcloud and my stream is every Saturday 9-11 pm


Well that’s all you need and its kicking ass online for you.
How about your radio show, are you still doing that with Hard Rock /Paranoia FM during the lockdown session??

Sadly its been on hold, with no clubs open and the whole scene on hold we don’t have any material for a show, and the radio decides we take a break, eh more time for me to explore indomie recipes, makes random live streams of quality music mix with awesome guest stars like my 2 dogs and 2 cats, my kid playing switch in the background and the occasional wife telling me to turn down the volume, awesome crew.

On a serious note, I’m working on something with a few djs, to do a Livestream with donations, with those donations were gonna set up food drives to give back to people who are affected the most with this whole situations, no it’s not just indomie, and we would like to bring everyone involved when its ready.

Have you been doing any production work during lockdown? What about your set up for that? What monitors have you got at home? What DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) you using and what is some of your go to Synths and plugins?

I’m still blessed to still have a few projects coming in, I do jingles and audio mix work for audiobooks, short corporate ad (i do the audio), and music-wise i was supposed to work on a single for this upcoming artist, but with the whole COVID things studio sessions are on hold

I use FL studio, ever since they were Fruityloop 3, been using it from when I started as I’m a windows guy, I moved to mac for a year and learn logic, made 1 song a year LMAO.

Funny thing, last week I was doing this short audiobook for a hypnotherapy client, hardest thing I ever did, so hard to keep my eyes open over smooth voice telling you to relax and ambient

added info

actually cant use monitors, im more comfortable and get better results on headphones, i use a pioneer HDJ1000 as monitors

My go to synth are sylenth (i know basic af, but I’ve use it so much I know its every nook and cranny) and sytrus (its a stock FL synth, makes great drums)music.

3 quick ones.
1. What’s your most favored indomie flavor?
2. Indomie’s next flavor show be?
3. The one flavor that you really hate?

1. Indomie Goreng
2. I would like for them to come out with a proper satay flavor, with lots of peanut-based sauce, the one they have now is weak af
3. Kari Ayam…doesn’t taste at all like chicken curry.

Ok last question and will put it all together and see how it all looks .
When we come out of the other side of this lockdown, what do you see some of the positive things to happen for Bali’s entertainent sector and more so its nightclub industry?

I would like for everyone, DJs, clubs, promoters to take this time to strengthen ourself and become one family, no matter what clubs, what style of music, what locations, we can’t afford elitist attitude, we have a long climb up after this, its better to be together in this uphill battle, we need to restore Bali nightlife to its glory if not better.


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