Hailing from Semarang and almost a decade of experience mastering her craft it’s no mistake that Sunzanne has landed herself a residency at one or Bali’s most prestigious and established beach clubs. Coming thru the ranks via a competitive hunger to succeed and willing to take risks is not the fairy tale ending most DJs hope for but a position in the Bali music industry that all budding DJs should take note of. Please step up the local spotlight Sunzanne and shine!

Hai Suzanne, thank you for catchin’ up with us. We’ve heard your name bouncing around the Bali DJ circuit for a couple of years now. How did you start your DJ career? Tell us about some of your early experiences trying to break into the very competitive Bali DJ circuit. Where was your first show?

I’m glad that you ask this. So for the very very first time, actually I was dreaming of being DJ from junior high school when I was 15 maybe 😀 . But from that age we know that it couldn’t make it simple because I didn’t have enough money for DJ course. And yes, when I was studying in university in Semarang, I had an opportunity to join a female DJ hunt at year 2009, which is no needed to be a professional DJ to join, and they were will be teach us to play and then join the competition, so yes from that I was winning for the runner up place in very first show in Liquid Semarang.

Then I finish the study at 2015, and went to Bali for seeking a job (I mean office job). But by the time, I was realize that its not my passion to be an officer, so I put all the risk to came back to DJ things and stuffs. And yes, until this time I play in so many place in Bali, Party Club, Beach, another island, private party, gathering, wedding, after party, everything…

Being a part of one of the biggest beach clubs in Bali, Karma Beach Club or now they change it to Cliff Pool Club, it should be a dream come true for you. What’s the history behind this amazing dream? How did you get your residency there?

Yes, it was one of biggest dream I can be a part of Karma Group and being dj. First time I came to Karma, I was so amazed by the view and clearly also the beach as well. And from that time I was trying to getting touch with Karma, I sent the DJ profile, and yes they answered my email, then doing some DJ trials (about 7/8 months ago), day after I start DJ-ing in Karma, so here I am. 😀

From the club background that we know, electro house has been your weapon. How did you suit yourself to the genre that is completely the opposite? What would you describe your style when playing at Karma week in week out?

Karma is an unique place and had most amazing beach and hills. So yes the music concept for the Karma is lil bit different, mostly the genre is not really commercial song, we can play 80s 90s song, chill out, afro latino house, or something like buddha bar. It’s not really difficult to change my music, with a lil bit instruction for manager, all is well. 🙂

Over last couple of years, Karma has been booking a lot of great DJ’s like Silicone Soul or Jon Sa Trinxa. Who’s your favorite one and how did they influence your set?

Both are my favorite 🙂 . They are so amazing and friendly off course. Although they had different style for each other, but they can amazingly can control the crowd 😀 , so from that I could learn, how to control the crowd by the music

Nowadays, we’re loaded with DJ’s in Indonesia. But, we believe you have your own identity as DJ Suzanne El. So, if someone ask you, who is DJ Suzanne El, how would you describe yourself as a DJ? What sets you aside from the other DJs playing poolside around the island right now?

Ummm yeah, well I am just ordinary female DJ who can play actually in any genres that venue needed. I love to play chill and 80s 90s song, especially for the pool cliff at karma. I think all the DJ has the same skill and can play in any style, but sometimes the big differents are (as a DJ) how we can motivate our self to don’t stop being DJ and make some music, always be a hard worker, humble and stay fool.

What are your top 5 tracks in your DJ Sets?

From afro latino house genre I had like Flying High, Dominique Urban, Monitor 66, Chris Malinchak and Louis Vega.

Nowadays, technology and social media are a lifestyle for most of the people in the world. For you, what do you think of the impact and effect that can come up from those platforms for a DJ career?

Yesss, like instagram, youtube, website, are important stuffs that i really need for my promotion and to put all my video, picture profile and ofcourse the mixtape!. Check out my page on instagram at @dj.suzanne ! Thanks !

In Indonesia, especially in 2018, we’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of rumours that suggests the sexy and pretty DJ’s are taking over the Indonesia’s club scene. What’s your personal opinions about those rumours? It would be really great to hear your perspective on it all and what it takes to shake that status and let the music do the talking?

I have so many female DJ friends. You know, every DJ have their own unique style, sexy, nerd, edgy, 80s 90s thing, just be your own best self. Its okay to have your own style. 😀

Outside from DJ world, what are your favorite things, hobby and others? How about food? Whats your favourite Indonesian food?

I love to take a nap. Haha kidding. I love to sports, like swimming, doing some exercise at gym, and yes hanging with friends. Hmmmm everyday I mostly always thinking about ice tea and ice coffee, ummm I really like the so much. About the food, I like everything, I love to eat, except “agar-agar”. I don’t even know why I don’t really to eat that.

If you weren’t DJing for a career what do you think you would be doing? What was that one point in time or moment that you look back on now and realize that music was always going to be your path?

Yea I have ever wondering that from years ago, from 7,5 years of being dj, i have ever be an staff in bank, mall management, and field surveyor for gold exploration. And then I realize, this is not what I need, yolo, I don’t want my life just wasted by “office thing” for years. And yes, I focused to be a dj then.

Finally outside of Karma where else are you playing regularly or shows that you have coming up soon we can catch you at?

Really, please come and say hi to me 😀 . Every Saturday at Jumana Banyan Tree for 5-7 pm. And for events for the rest. Just check my latest updated schedule on my page and daily stories at instagram ! @dj.suzanne 😀


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