It’s been almost two years since Disclosure changed the dance music game with Settle, and they have been somewhat quiet since its release. With only a Pharrell remix and a collaboration with Friend Within being released, they have been leaving us in anticipation for more of their unparalleled groovy beats. Well fear no more, as they unloaded a new track during their guest appearance on Annie Mac’s revered BBC Radio 1 show today titled ‘Bang That.‘

We all have different tastes, but this track doesn’t live up to the Disclosure name in my opinion. With incessant simplicity, it feels like you’re waiting for an extra synth to roll in throughout the entire track. The tune is extremely well mastered, yes, but it certainly feels like it’s lacking something. Not to say that simplicity equates to an unfulfilling track, but this one doesn’t produce the fullness residing in each instrument to make up for the total lack of synths.

This one has been in production since 2014, as they have dropped it during a few of their DJ sets this past year. Additionally, they have confirmed the release of a new album (praise Jesus), as they announced on the show that it will be completed some time in 2015. Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence went into further detail about their new tunes with Annie Mac, “In a few interviews we did last year when we first started it, we said that we weren’t gonna drift too far from what we did before. We just continued writing naturally over time, and it has shifted a bit. There is still a lot of house and garage there, but we’ve tried to take on a few other different things as well.”

The feels-inducing duo also revealed their process for selecting this album’s guest vocalists:

“We kind of wait for people to come to us. Once you start chasing big pop stars, they either want money or they’re just not as into it as they would be if they really wanted to work with you, so it’s those you gotta wait for. But it ranges from that to literally my mate who was traveling in Australia with us singing in a bar. I personally like the bar ones even better.”


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