wAFF makes a welcomed return to Hot Creations with three original cuts on his mighty ‘Fat Gash EP’. Playfully named after his best friend, title track ‘Fat Gash’ is a dancefloor monster with highly infectious vocals, while ‘Shabby’ has powerful keys, sonic builds and rolling percussions. Over on the flip ‘Connected’ is a high energy hitter with smooth vocals and a serious party vibe. “Each track is unique and individual to itself. ‘Connected’ is one of my new favourites as it has the energy and catchy vocal hooks I love plus the groove, which I believe is essential with house music. ‘Shabby’ is named after one of my closest friends, Nadia, who is nicknamed “Shabby” and I made this track in Ibiza at her apartment. Last of all ‘Fat Gash’ refers to my best mate, Jey Kurmis, who is most often called Gashy. One night I made the track and knew he would love it, instantly it was his favourite track of mine. So I thought, he’s fat and he’s called Gash, lets call it ‘Fat Gash’! Most people will think its about another thing but its not. its about a fat viking from Leeds who I love.” – wAFF


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