Germany’s dynamic duo Super Flu make their debut on Hommage with their lively ‘Chee Pso Ng’ track, that was brought to life in a team effort together with one of the labels regulars Ole Biege! The Halle (Saale) based Super Flu present us with a funk driven excursion into the deeper shades of electronic music. Ole’s lion-hearted vocals and the joyous chord progressions form the perfect symbioses. On the flip side resides the soothing ‘Between 3/4’ composition. It features mysterious moog-ish sounds and teasing hi-hat patterns, that get carried away by the laid-back horns in the background. The thick, slightly distorted bass drum supports the profound female vocals with grace.

The Hommage head honchos Monkey Safari are knitting a new, almost dub-like outfit for ‘Between 3/4’. The pair works extensively on the effect structures, while adding slightly more energy through their sleek groove programming. Ole Biege is closing out this magnificent EP with his interpretation of ‘Between 3/4’. He redesigns and morphs the original into a swinging technotic beast. Ole strips down the vocals and hides them behind a curtain of reverb effects. The overall suspenseful feel of the remix makes it even more fun to play out loud


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