Kollektiv Turmstrasse is back: It has been six years since the last own EP on Diynamic and five years since the highly acclaimed uber-album “Rebellion Der Träumer”. The album was a milestone in the duo’s history; it had a huge impact on the worldwide electronic music scene and catapulted them into the international lime light. Now they trump up with their “Sry I’m Late” EP, a three tracker that has matured over years and been road tested in their live sets all around the globe for a while. The tracks are already causing quite a stir: since the Diynamic Showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event 2014, where Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s show has been live streamed, they are being hyped all over the internet. Numerous ripped videos uploaded and countless Track ID?-requests underline the anticipation amongst the fans.

When heard, the apology “Sorry, I’m late” is immediately accepted. “Sorry I Am Late” is a fierce, peak time track with a dramatic sense of narrative and a killer bassline. Vocals add fuel to the fire but this one is all about the bassline, which is guaranteed to become a massive anthem in the weeks ahead. “Last Call” is a more lighthearted and soulful bit of house music with infectious, rubbery drums and fantastically airy hi hats. A groaning bass line rides up and down the mix to lock everyone in and lots of little sonic details add a real charm to the groove. “Hour After Hour” then is a dark, moody house cut with deep drums and bass and a spine tingling melodic riff that unfolds up top. It builds with real tension and is sure to lock in dance floors this summer. Few producers manage to make the sort of lasting impact of Kollektiv Turmstrasse. This new EP proves that once more.


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