Iconic Munich based imprint Great Stuff welcomes legendary tech house stalwart D. Ramirez back to their roster with his latest truly mind-blowing release; ‘The Hobo Jungle’ EP.

The first track ‘Control of My Soul’ embodies an edgier vibe, a slick yet quirky, hypnotic little number spiced up with a pure Balearic breakdown. The track evolves from an almost minimal, mature take on G House to a wedge of prime time cheekiness. Featuring a similar, mesmerising vocal, Control of My Soul is almost narcotic; a lavish expression of D.Ramirez’s constant evolution, proving he can command and charter any new course that the industry encourages.

Demonstrating his unsurpassed ability to transcend and master all genres of house, ‘Feel It’ is driven by a bang on-trend punchy, bouncing bass line combined with classic acid inspired strings and loops throughout the middle 8; invoking inevitable spine tingling euphoria. A filtered vocal floats gently over the top, almost losing itself within the complex, expert construction, transporting the listener, wherever they are, back to the last incredible night ‘out out’ they had, and inspiring many more on the spot.

Pure main stage festival material, D.Ramirez justifies his title of pioneer once again through his sorcery of the beat; his raw talent paired with unrivalled technical expertise is something that is only garnered through decades of teasing international dance floors to the edge of ecstasy and beyond with flawless DJ artistry.

‘The Hobo Jungle EP’ is D.Ramirez’s 5th release with Great Stuff, which since it’s inception in 2005 has cemented its reputation among the industry elite as delivering only the fiercest, high quality cuts of house, tech and future disco anthems. A perfect pairing for the new musical direction of D.Ramirez, whose latest productions have taken a deeper, lo slung twist into the credible realms of the underground.

True to the EP’s name; the Hobo Jungle is an illustration of the progression of the evergreen cutting edge forest of electronic music from concrete city to city. These chunky slices of deep, yet tech infused house spike up the hairs on the back of your neck; a sure fire sign this EP is set to scorch dance floors, festival arenas and the dirtiest of after parties with it’s smoking heat for the summer of 2015.


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