In the old days of record shopping tunes were found by spending countless hours every week as a DJ going from record shop to record shop hoping to get to the newest shipment before the rest of the regular DJs in town had their chance to sift thru huge piles of new vinyl. After the work was done at each individual record store hopefully the happy customer would walk away with a couple of gem tunes that would later become the hits on the local dancefloor and blow up globally. Now days it involves countless hours at the computer screen usually fuelled with coffee and frustration as the quantity of music is much greater than it used to be. But…… Sometimes those long listening sessions play of and here it does with our #cratediggeroftheweek. 4 tracks for those late night sessions and more darker sets! We love this sort of music and when we stumble across a artist we not discovered before its even more of a special find. Track 1 ‘Get me to the chopper’ just screams emotion at all in its path with a killer acid line that just keeps on giving. “Ptolemy’ is our second pick for its twisted melody and haunting FX and vocal work but dont let us be the judge of this package, get involved yourself into some Third Son and enter the dark side. 6/5.


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