Dillon Francis has released his oft talked about collaboration with Skrillex titled “Bun Up The Dance” that appears on the “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” DJs upcoming This Mixtape Is Fire EP.

The track has clear influences from both artists as it fits with the bill of Francis’ moombahton EP. “Bun Up The Dance” is slowed down to 108 bpms, right in the 110 sweet spot for the Dave Nada-invented genre where Francis first made his name. The heavy bass growls and power in the drums immediately call to mind Skrillex who is among the best at programming drums and has reinvented the bass wheel several times. The tempo, twisted vocals and pitched sirens all have the hallmarks of a Francis production.

Skrillex is a musical chameleon and can create almost any type of music, blending into most situations and this one fit like a glove. The combination of these two sounds effortless and very natural.

When Francis announced that he was releasing a moombahton EP, this is the type of music his fans were hoping for. Moore has that effect on artists.

“Bun Up The Dance” is the second track released from Francis’ upcoming EP, This Mixtape Is Fire. He shared “Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Love)” last month when the EP was announced. In addition to Skrillex, the project will also feature some big names like Calvin Harris and Chromeo, as well as, Bro Safari and James Hersey. There is also a Party Favor remix of Money Sucks, Friends Rule song “I Can’t Take It.

Purchase “Bun Up The Dance” on iTunes or Beatport and head to Spotify for the stream. Listen to it below.


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