A man that we can always depend on to bring us some of the best music in the current dance scene falls on the shoulders of Deniz Koyu and he has done it again with the release of ‘The Way Out’.

With releases on the likes of Protocol Recordings and also Axtone Records, Deniz Koyu has continued to smash out the big tracks and the stages wherever he goes, and this time he is back on Protocol Recordings with ‘The Way Out’, a massive new track which has seen him team up with in-demand vocalist Amba Shepard.

‘The Way Out’ is all about the energy which is provided by those thrilling melodies which have been created and included in the drop of the track, where the power and energy pours out. The cool piano chords paired up with this beautiful vocals from Amba Shepard are another sweet new element where everything seems to flow and you end up losing yourself in the beauty of the track. Once it drops, you won’t be able to contain yourself and the party will really start from then on. Deniz Koyu knows exactly what he is doing when he enters the studio and this is what we have got with ‘The Way Out’.


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