As days go by and the wait for the new full length Pan-Pot album ‘The Other’ grows shorter and shorter, it’s time to temper the restlessness again with two more meticulously selected tracks from the forth coming long player. The cleverly titled ‘Fist Bump From Destiny’ is a story of patience with huge payoffs. At nearly 10 minutes, it’s a long ride that builds slowly as persistent and hypnotizing tones circle and stalk, continually growing into the semblance of a cosmic clock. As the concept of time seems to disappear, the reward reveals itself: a fist bump from destiny. ‘Operator’ parallels the story of a tenacious vessel navigating a course through an impenetrable fog during the darkest shade of night. Low menacing rumbles and short sonic blasts serve as bold displays of position while a perpetually rising synth provides the momentum it employs to advance into the dark.


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