Mainstay Canadian producer Fairmont is back on My Favorite Robot after 2012’s stunning Automation LP. Now he serves up three more compelling tracks that come laden with years of production and DJ experience.

Fairmont has been producing on labels like this as well as Border Community, Areal records and Traum for 15 years and as such is a peerless synth craftsmen who knows how to pair dance floor functionality with real musical charm.

The enchanting opener, ‘Still,’ is a brooding brew of dark electronics and moody, downbeat vocals. Drenched in reverb, said vocals slowly unfold over a turbulent bed of drums, squelchy lines and circling pads. You are trapped right at the centre and it is a great place to be, so full of pain as it is.

The equally compelling ‘Close Your Mind’ is a more upbeat cut with twinkling, reflective, pixelated melodies in the background and searing synths soaring in the foreground. More new wave vocals get stitched into the track and resonate thanks to lush reverb; it is rare that song craft as good as this makes it on to the dance floor.

Lastly, the more direct and groove driven ‘Neolith’ rounds things out in great style. Here a molten brew of rubbery synths and horizontal pads for a rhythmic bed, then flashes of sheet metal and distant drones add dynamics and momentum. The sort of slow burning but seriously absorbing track that sets a fine tone for any set, it is another Fairmont classic.

Varied and vital throughout, this EP is a perfect fit for the always cultured My Favorite Robot label.


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