Slam kick of what is set to be another huge year on the musical front with the awesome 4 tracker, Parallel Phase EP. After the unprecedented success of the opening of the unique Soma Track Series, Stuart & Orde are back in business with pure, thundering Techno packed full of soul and a vision which sees them take Soma into 2016.

Title track Parallel Phase wastes no time in crashing though the speakers as steam train drums and pulsing rhythmic tones serve as the back bone of this driving, dance floor orientated weapon. Shadow Art combines perfectly held drones, evolving pads and subtly dubbed percussion against another solid groove as Slam really delve deep on this one. The duo bring out another heavy hitter in Morass that utilises perfectly matched rhythms in the low end and synth hook creating tension with every build. Slam round of this storming EP with the gentle yet powerful Contour. A warping baseline fluctuates amongst swarms of glistening high end and straight up percussion creating an immersive, subterranean sound.

With a whole lot more in the pipeline, Slam make a bold start to the new year with this expertly crafted EP showing full control over all the Techno elements.


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