Third Son is back on Sincopat with another bomb EP, including three stunning tracks and a great remix from My Favorite Robot to boot. Hailing from his new London studio, Fate’ glimpses the direction Third Son is taking in sound, and marks a huge step forward in his productions – now writing with only analogue gear. For the first time he joins forces with vocalist, Haptic, who after collaborations with Audio Junkies and Fideles has become a firm favourite for the Sincopat family. My Favorite Robot presents a deep and sensual journey in their treatment of ‘Fate, stripping back the piece to its bare-bones and re-animating the vocal. Analogue sound is also present in Kepler, which presents a delicate bubbling synth-line throughout, culminating in a show-stopping final section. Aldous travels through rich and masterful melodies which will only leave you reaching for the repeat button. The influences for these tracks are too far ranging to list, but minimalist – Philip Glass is the composer whose work has influenced Third Son most throughout his life, which comes through in the lead ideas more than any other in this EP. Enjoy!


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