Grimehouse might be a new name to most but behind the scenes and within the local trap and dubstep community in sunny Cape Town, South Africa they knew it was only a matter of time before their favourite local producer and DJ become their #1 export for all things bass music! Grimehouse has stormed straight into the top spot on the beatport dubstep charts with ‘wasting time’. A Massive vocal summer festival workout thats destined to smash everything to pieces which dares to cross the Grimehouse path of bass infused destruction. Reinforcing what makes this release so strong is the fact thats its both Grimehouse’s debut album via his own small local label and gained a massive amount of respect and support via no pretentious paid for like style marketing! Make sure you check out the full album with a diverse collection of Grimehouse gems available now from beatport. 6/5. DRW.


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