When Dusky, made the leap to start their own label, 17 Steps, in 2014, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but if the vision for their own imprint was anything like that of their music, it’d have a clear path to succeed. Since then, they’ve released a series of compelling EPs showcasing their own originals and created a platform to promote other artists who they feel align with their musical identity. With the release of their compilation album, Floor to Floor, they’ve turned their vision into reality with a momentous 12-track release. Floor to Floor cuts the nonsense, creating an expansive yet cohesive soundscape that blurs the lines of house, techno, and electronica. Tapping a top cut of U.K. artists including Skream, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Lo Shea, the duo has pulled out all the stops on this one. 9/10/.



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