In 2016 techno is such a widely used term and to be honest it always has been but if you were going to find a package at the half way mark of the year to describe and define the term ‘techno’ here it is! Simply groove based production focusing on the drums and the structure that create the anticipation with each new section thats introduced. While the title actually suggests its a EP its 3 interpretations of the same track all focused on different time slots and dance floors dependent of where and what club your rocking. Our favourite is the ‘Slave Mix’ as the drops and changeovers demand our attention every time. We featured Traumer a while back with his ‘Hoodlum’ release and this release further cements his name along with partner in crime DJ Deep into the Bali Clubbing repeat playlists! Plug it in and turn it up! 10/10 DRW.


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