Back from the wilderness. Synth in one hand, long-range camera in the other, techno’s most enduring naturist Eulberg returns. ‘Mimikry & Mimese’ is every fathom as deep as you’d hope it to be. Both sonically, conceptually and how they draw their influence.‚Mimikry’ is classic Eulberg; several tales bound together into one immersive narrative where melodic phrases that at first appear disparate, gradually correlate with each other by way of delicately placed rhythmic elements and FX. ‘Mimese’ takes a similar twist to ‘Mimikry’ in that the melodic arrangement is based on distinct themes that gradually align, morph and complement each other. Eulberg’s adventures into the wilderness continue. Techno in its purest form coutesy of one of the genre’s finest labels. 
DRW 5/5.


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