Superfriends is the new label from Andhim; a label that captures the pairs charm and ebullience, not only from their past releases but also serves as a stylistic trajectory to date; one that has moved from gentle eclecticism through infinite fun into a refined and contagiously unique electronic sound.

Andhim have over the last decade cultivated an exceptionally loyal fan base of musical lovers and peers alike; that continue to crave the German pairs musical agility and action packed forays. Superfreinds is far from a obvious tick in andhims career to do list but a strong clue that they are capably poised to continue their anti-intellectualism approach to everything they do.

The international colours of andhim continue to reach all corners of the dance floor focusing less on the narrative and more on the big and fun Superfreinds is set to be an outlet for the production/DJ duos most ambitious ideas. An independent exercise in only the finest studio output from themselves but those that inspire, influence and impress.

The first release Tosch EP is pristine in production and devoid of existing label noise, where powerfully subtle melodies can sit side by side with immersive dance floor heavy electronic music.

Tosch EP signals the pairs desire to remain multifaceted in approach and DIY in execution while also slowly revealing the imagination behind it. The culmination of an intensely creative career to date; andhim brandish a variety tonal ideas that include spacious, diversified and unforced melodies that capture the emotion displayed in the DJ booth.


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