Of all the meaningful lives lost in 2016, Eric Prydz was most closely touched by that of James Lillo — a fan with a kind heart and winning personality. He was also a victim of cancer, and though Prydz was moved to perform a special concert for his fan, Lillo tragically passed away before the show’s date.

Prydz was devastated by the sudden loss, but he didn’t let the cause die. He performed not one show, but two in Lillo’s honor, and donated all $60,000-plus proceeds to the Cancer Research Institute. Then, he released a beautiful new Pryda song, “Lillo,” in the man’s honor.

“Lillo” is by no means a sad song. It’s upbeat and uplifting, it’s ’80s synths full of hope and resilience. Even as it reaches a soft refrain in the middle, as if to take a moment of reflection on the special life that was lost, the mood builds back slowly to show that this is not the end.


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