The darklord returns with another mini album or super EP, either way you decide it a twisted outing voyaging in all the darkest corners of the techno spectrum. Emotive soundscapes to more broken beat affairs, straight up percussive workouts to dark stabbing chord arrangements its all here courtesy of Dubspeeka. With a long standing history in the industry under some more charting successful projects its his new techno alias thats really gaining our attention and our readers around us. When it comes to picking the bunch here for some guaranteed listening pleasure its hard to go past Mod3 for its dreamy and sinister break thats nothing but music for the darkside. While looking for something a bit not so serious and potentially making into some more chilled out occasions Mod5 takes the more organic and stripped back path and surely hitting a few of the beach clubs across Bali this summer. 1-/10 DRW



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