We’re deep in the days of Summer 2017 here in Bali so it’s only appropriate we turn up the heat with a bit of fire from our “Summer Funk” release, featuring four bangers from four different artists on everyones not so serious house label Dirtybird. First up and our favourite here “Rock Climber”, a ferocious track with build-ups and build-downs that make you feel like you’re on an unforgiving rollercoaster ride to house music heaven. Weiss has been another favourite of ours the past year, and follows up his recent Dirtybird EP with “Bounce”. It does exactly what it says, with Weiss’ trademark mixture of jackin beats, underground boom and a bit of amusement. “As Gospel”. The contagious lead line swirls in and out over a dark set of drums and bass that will certainly contribute to Lord’s rapid ascent as an artist to watch whileBump Ugly’s “Lost My Mind” rounds out the EP with animated beats and bass that dance along with quirky bleeps and blips for a funky Summer ride. 4 tracks coming to your ahead of this weekends playlisting searchathon and shazaming! DRW 5*



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