Up first ‘Monsters’ is as immense and beastly number with hefty beats and a build that sends us hurtling through this unstoppable big room track. With a throwback to the original rave days with the infamous hoover coming into play for all the ravers out there you know where this ones destined for! You’d think the B-side ‘Drop It’ would fade in the shadow of Monsters but not when nu-school heroes Camel Phat have to follow up on the international success of their latest release ‘Cola’. It has an enthralling space-scape vibe, underpinned by a soulful bassline & a vocal hook that that gets you “jumping like a disco” too. CamelPhat have been tearing up the festivals this summer and are clearly enjoying a meteoric rise in the house scene since their genesis in 2010 and like this EP’s title track itself says: “You’d better believe in Monsters”.


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