A slow burning anthem from the holy grail of all producers. A tune that keeps building and building momentum gradually and naturally To the point crowds singing the bassline back when you drop it. Released February 2015 on Bedrock, its been smouldering ever since. Treshor considers it up there with one of his most successful tunes in his career so far. A distinctive hooky bass riff capturing moments and imaginations as more and more DJs exploited its unifying charm. Fast Forward 2 years Bedrock present two precision-tailored remixes that add to the Goliath story. French techno OG Emmanuel Top, a man whose records inspired Gregor to produce in the first place, takes the lead with a 10 minute monolith that doesn’t even hint at the riff for the first four minutes. Focusing on the machine funk rhythm of the original and turning it inside out, Top lets it sizzle for as long as possible before suddenly dropping the full musical scope of Goliath on us mid way. Alan Fitzpatrick, a man who doesnt need much of an introduction to fans of modern Techno, also subverts the original in an equally remarkable way. Allowing himself to be taken in a whole new direction by the pads, a new topline and is added to create an entirely new experience that still instantly brings home the original tones and feels of Goliath.


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