Matador returns home on his own imprint with the long-anticipated EP ‘RAMAHA’. The five-tracker crowns a year of unprecedented achievement for the Irish producer on many fronts. The demands of such a hectic touring schedule can take their toll on studio time, but the Dubliner’s passion for musical equipment always wins out and the resulting EP marks an exciting, more explorative direction, without compromising that core Matador ethos. The title track ‘Ramaha’ is a heads down affair with vintage stabs and 909 drums hammering this home. ‘Trigger”s chubby bass line, killer drops and avant-garde sci-fi textures show his creative streak is on fire. ‘Juniper’, inspired by the Roland Juno series, intertwines the ‘6’, ‘106’ and ‘Kiwi 106’ in subtle harmony for this synth driven scorcher. The distinctive sound of ‘Bluto”s Korg Ms-20 lead lines are woven with re-pitched vocals and a full bodied bass line. ‘Sunburn’, where simple chords and groove is key, closes the Ep in true Matador style.


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