All aboard the ‘Ark’: Two by two, four by four, whatever… Whichever way you want to board, the doors of this great vessel are open and Monaberry bossmen Super Flu are the proud captains.
Their first full voyage of the year, ‘Ark’ is a stately piece of techno noir theatre designed to wrestle the choppiest of dancefloor seas. ‘Doppt’ takes us to the next waymark on the map. Gently rhythmic from the moment its first shakers kiss your ears, we’re soon satiated with tightly plucked percussive elements.Finally our feet touch terra firma with the mysterious afro house maverick Hyenah as he provides an earthy remix stampede. Flexing between African rhythms, powerful 4/4s and a tantalising breakdown salvo, it’s yet another sterling revision from the masked beast. Another masterpiece from Superflu coming to you in time for another huge weekend ahead. DRW 10/10


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