Another twister from everyones favourite twisted sisters (well brothers actually) from Isreal – Red Axes! Combining 8 bit, analogue and tripped out disco familiarity is just a part of the Red Axes magic formula that goes into each and every release. Put a much anticipated 3 tracker together and its a Cosmic platter of the most spaced out kind available on the www this week! Leftfield meets Disco, Psychadelica meets Electronica who knows whats ahead but when a post-punk band goes Electronic dance music anythings possible and thats why we just cant get enough of Red Axes formally known as Red Cotton. Two Friends, machines, psychedelia, potions, and an unconditional passion for music, sound and motion – sounds like the next Tim Burton movie incoming? No thats just Red Axes going about their business. DRW 11/10.


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