Fresh faces Christoph Deckert and Christian Schilgen aka Deorbiting concoct delightfully level-headed string-based music in the Paranorama EP which includes two originals, one collaboration and three remixes. Paranorama is a lofty, majestic string-ridden composition, where sounds bounce like clouds off the fluid production. Synths adorn expansive pads in an overall immersive ambience that enchants and animates. Niko Schwinds remix takes a more dubby approach, while subtly maintaining the initial unrepressed atmosphere. Next up, Kalipo manages to reimagine the track into a riff-heavy, synth-indulging experience. Cara No, a joint effort with Aaaron, unveils a more moody setting, following in the same pensive yet stimulating resonance. On the flipside, Zero Wing showcases a gloomy soundscape with glitched out pads and eerie details. Sunken piano keys add to the melancholy, elevating the multi-layered construction. Kuriose Naturale adds shrilling bits and spiralling loops of impending doom, offering a more dramatic and acid-tinged version of the original.


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