Sharam Jey is a machine when it comes to producing tune after tune of quality house music. His ever popular Bunny Tiger imprint hits 5 years very soon and with rumours of a huge tour to boot his latest album offering drops just in time to punch thru the last few weeks of summer here in Bali. We were lucky to catch up with Sharam a few weeks ago and get his take on the album before experiencing the listening pleasure which is exactly what ‘Invisible is all about! Aimed more for listening than dancing its impossible to not bop away as we get thru each tune with a ode to the 80’s its no surprise Sharam Jey is a disco kid at heart. Opening with ‘Ready of Not’ and ‘Over the Moon’ its just a taste of whats ahead and they jsut keep the good times flowing all the way to track 14 and its straight to the repeat function again! The best $12 you’ll spend on the internet this week hands down! DRW 101/10


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