Althoff is the man behind our perfectly titled EP of the week ‘Uluwatu’. Althoff is a Brazilian artist who is quickly becoming a core member of the This And That Lab family, now making his third appearance on the label in the space of only a few months. Fast proving himself as a hotly tipped talent with a bright future ahead of him, this is another example of the deep and melodic style of house he is becoming known for. The first of four tracks, “Uluwatu” opens with ambient textures layered over tom drums and tribal percussion. The story telling structure unfolds with unexpected twists and turns such as a glockenspiel style melody that adds to the mysterious atmosphere of this captivating cut. “Lost Paradise” is second on the EP and keeping the mystic vibe alive, it’s got an ethereal atmosphere rich in percussion and uplifting melody. Things get deeper as we get into the poignant melody and street carnival style percussion of “San Pedro”, which is a fusion of contrasting elements not usually mixed, but like a sweet and savoury treat the unusual blend of flavours in this quirky track work exceptionally well. Finishing the EP is “Mount Olympus” which has a grinding bassline and epic pads with dramatic melody, its warm and eloquent sound is the perfect way to round off this stunning release.


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