The first thing we noticed after a quick click on press play is straight away our EP of the week has been wrongly genre policed and tossed into the Tech house pool which its clearly not! 2 absolute progressive house or melodic techno journeys that deserve a better chance at some further exposure and here you will find yourself listening to our EP of the week. Theydream is a feel good progressive number that keeps giving from A-Z which initially got our attention as it ticks all the right boxes while trying desperately to sift thru 100s of promos this week that all seemed to sound the same or way to chart targeted. Flip this over and Zuletzt die Wahrheit, which could be loosely translated to ‘the truth at last’, is a consequent and honest statement towards all lovers of something a little bit more energetic ahead of another massive weekend on the cards. DRW 10/10



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